Mirror Box - Concept Amsterdam Light Festival

    opdrachtgever autonoom project
    grootte 3 x 3 x 3 m
    materiaal/techniek mirror plates, opal plates, trusses, led wall washers
    datum januari 2017

    A shape in a shape, outer marvel, inner experience

    Mirror Box is a cubic construction consisting of an outer surface of mirrors and an inner dome of light. Because Mirror Box itself is not illuminated the artwork does not scream for attention. The cube reflects its surroundings.

    It is there but it is also absent. There are two openings in the cube that are a liAle shorter than life size through which the visitor can enter the cube. There he will find himself in a dome that is flooded with light that extremely slowly changes color. The visitor can enjoy this intense experience on a bench placed inside the dome, or on the floor. In or outside Mirror Box there’s an opportunity to leave a comment, write a wish or share a reflection. 

    A hard reflecton turns into an opening of the mind

    When the visitor approaches Mirror Box he finds himself wondering whether there is an object or not. Water, buildings, distant lights and people seem distorted by a cubical shape. A small intense light coming out of this shape drags the visitor to the object and into this monolith. Upon entering, the visitor has to bend somewhat as the entrance is just a little bit too low. This enhances the act of entering and makes him more aware of setting foot into a new space. This inner space is - unlike the outside - not cubical, but spherical. When the visitor is inside the dome, darkness turns into a flooding bright light that evenly shines from all points inside the dome and almost unnoticeable slowly changes its color. A sudden awareness of his presence could be a trigger for emotions or thoughts, or maybe just brings peace of mind. 

    Awareness is the essence of being

    Hard on the outside, soft on the inside, Mirror Box incites a dialogue with oneself. Through the mirroring surface the art work reflects (and re-illuminates) its surroundings, thus being a marvelling magnet and an invitation to contemplate. It seems approachable but is infinite at the same time. The (literally) reflection outside becomes a forcefull awareness inside. Suddenly blocked from the outside there is an essential emphasis on being, and on the relationship of the body and mind to all that surrounds it. The dome, or temple, focusses on the responsibility of the human being for himself, for his actions and for his surroundings, reinforced by the pervasive light. 

    The basic structure of the 3 x 3 x 3 m cube consist of trusses

    which can be pinned to the ground or weighted. The outer layer is a series of shockproof polycarbonate mirrors. Then follows a waterproof layer to protect the dome inside. The dome itself is made up of 3 mm opal plate, which diffuses the light coming from the space in between. In the 8 corners RGBW wallwash LEDs light up the inner dome. Color changing is extremely slow and will be programmed beforehand. An extra ring of LEDs can be added to enhance the possibilities of the color play. Research has to prove if music is needed to expand the experience. 


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